Hello Friends Terms and Conditions of Sale

ARTICLE 1. Preamble

Article 1.1. Designation of the seller
HELLO FRIENDS, a one-man simplified joint stock company, registered under SIREN 914 429 884 at the RCS of Nanterre, whose registered office is located at 1034 avenue Roger Salengro - 92370 CHAVILLE.
Represented by Mr Romain DIDOT in his capacity as Manager.
Email address : [email protected]
Phone number :
Address of the sales website: www.hellofriends.fr
Hereinafter referred to as " HELLO FRIENDS "

Article 1.2 Purpose
The purpose of the present general conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of the seasonal rental by HELLO FRIENDS of furnished tourist accommodation to its Clients.

Article 1.3. Definitions
Client : Any person contracting with HELLO FRIENDS within the framework of the present general conditions of sale, regardless of their status.
Consumer Client : Natural person having the status of consumer or non-professional within the meaning of the Consumer Code and contracting with HELLO FRIENDS within the framework of the present general conditions of sale.
Professional Client : Natural or legal person, public or private, who is acting for purposes within the framework of his professional activity, including when he is acting in the name of or on behalf of another professional, and who is contracting with HELLO FRIENDS within the framework of the present general conditions of sale.
Online contract: Contract concluded within the framework of the purchase of Service(s) via the HELLO FRIENDS website.
Service : Seasonal rental of a furnished tourist accommodation and/or any other services provided by HELLO FRIENDS and booked by the Client.

ARTICLE 2: Content and scope of application

The present general conditions of sale apply by right to all the Services sold directly by HELLO FRIENDS.
They apply to sales made through all distribution and marketing channels.
Any order or purchase implies unreserved acceptance of the present general conditions of sale which prevail over all other conditions, with the exception of those expressly accepted by HELLO FRIENDS and appearing on the booking confirmation.
The Client declares that he/she has read the present general conditions and accepted them before making the reservation and concluding the contract.

ARTICLE 3 Pre-contractual information

The Client acknowledges having been informed, prior to placing the order and/or concluding the contract, in a legible and comprehensible manner, of the present general conditions and, when the Client is a consumer, of all the information listed in article L. 221-5 of the Consumer Code.

ARTICLE 4 - Price

Article 4.1. Final price and additional taxes
The final price is announced in euros, all taxes included (TTC) per night for the whole of the accommodation per night.
The price includes the elements indicated in the offer published on the site. It includes bank charges and all that is indicated as "included" in the offer, in particular the privatization of the accommodation, cleaning costs, household linen (sheets and towels for the number of travelers indicated) and kitchen utensils for the first day (e.g. salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, sponge, tea towel, a bag of charcoal and a few coffee capsules, dishwashing and washing machine tablets as well as garbage bags)
Unless otherwise stated, it does not include pre- and post-transportation, tourist tax, local transportation, optional insurance, meal costs, personal expenses and anything indicated as "not included" in the offer.

Article 4.2 Payment terms
The Client guarantees HELLO FRIENDS that he/she has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment used when validating the contract. HELLO FRIENDS reserves the right to suspend any booking management and any execution of the Services in the event of refusal to authorise payment by bank card by the officially accredited organisations or in the event of non-payment of any sum due under the contract.
Payments made by the Client will only be considered as final once HELLO FRIENDS has effectively collected the sums due.
The Customer may pay the price by :
- Credit or debit card (credit card, Visa card, Eurocard/Mastercard),
- Apple Pay,
- Bank transfer.

ARTICLE 5 Reservations

Each accommodation has an information page containing information on its layout, location, facilities, price and practical information.
HELLO FRIENDS accommodations have a maximum capacity of 15 (fifteen) persons.
The Client selects an accommodation according to the location, dates and number of travellers he/she wishes. He/she is informed of the essential information of the offer and makes the reservation either directly on the HELLO FRIENDS website, or via a reservation platform such as Airbnb, Abritel or Booking.
To confirm the reservation, the Client is required to pay a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the reserved Service on the day of the order. The remaining balance is due no later than 30 days before the start of the stay. In case of a reservation made less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the total amount is to be paid the day of the order.
No reservation can be made after 12:00 pm the day before the beginning of the stay.
Finally, HELLO FRIENDS reserves the right, within 7 days of the reservation, to refuse any order from a Client with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order or any other legitimate reason. In this case, all sums paid by the Customer will be refunded.

ARTICLE 6 : No right of withdrawal

Article L. 221-28 of the French Consumer Code states that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts for the provision of accommodation services, other than residential accommodation, goods transportation services, car rentals, catering or leisure activities that must be provided on a specific date or during a specific period. Article L. 221-2 of the French Consumer Code also excludes this option for passenger transport and tourist packages.
HELLO FRIENDS takes advantage of this lack of right of withdrawal and indicates that for all the Services falling within the scope of article L. 221-28 or L. 221-2 of the Consumer Code, the consumer Client will not have any right of withdrawal.

ARTICLE 7: Modification of the contract

Any stay that is shortened or not consumed because of the Client, or started late because of the Client, will not give rise to any reimbursement.

HELLO FRIENDS is only committed to the Client for the Services it sells directly.
HELLO FRIENDS shall not be held liable for
- any Service subscribed to by the Client other than that invoiced directly by HELLO FRIENDS;
- any modification of the Services at the Client's initiative.
To be valid, any modification must be expressly accepted in writing by HELLO FRIENDS. Unless previously agreed, for any additional person (adult or child), even on a temporary basis, in relation to the number indicated on the booking confirmation, HELLO FRIENDS reserves the right to refuse the rental or to demand a supplement.

ARTICLE 8. Cancellation of the contract

Article 8.1. Termination of the contract by the Client
The Client has the possibility of cancelling the contract at any time before the start of the stay. In order for this cancellation to be valid, he/she must do so by sending an e-mail to HELLO FRIENDS at the following address: [email protected]. The Client will contact HELLO FRIENDS by telephone to obtain confirmation that his cancellation request has been taken into account.
In this case, the Client will be asked to pay cancellation fees and HELLO FRIENDS may retain all or part of the deposit already paid, according to the following schedule:
General case :
- Cancellation more than 31 days before the beginning of the rental period: 30% of the total amount will be retained,
- Cancellation less than 30 days before the beginning of the rental period: 100% of the total amount will be retained.

Special case: For weekday reservations (Monday to Friday) of less than 5 days:
- Cancellation more than 16 days before the beginning of the rental: 30% of the total amount is retained,
- Cancellation less than 15 days before the beginning of the rental period: 100% of the total amount will be retained.

For information, these cancellation conditions are also reminded in the order confirmation email sent to the Customer after the reservation.
These cancellation fees will not be due if the contract is cancelled following an event of force majeure having significant consequences on the execution of the contract. In this case, HELLO FRIENDS will proceed to the full refund of the payments made.
The date of cancellation is the date of receipt by HELLO FRIENDS of the Client's request.
HELLO FRIENDS reserves the right to refuse the Client access to the accommodation if the number of people exceeds the maximum authorised occupancy capacity. If this is the case, the contract may be terminated to the exclusive detriment of the Client with application of the cancellation schedule.

Article 8.2. Termination of the contract by HELLO FRIENDS
In the event of cancellation of the Event by HELLO FRIENDS before the start of the stay, HELLO FRIENDS will propose, where possible, a substitute Event. If no similar Event is available, HELLO FRIENDS will reimburse all sums paid by the Client as soon as possible.
If a greater number of travellers than that stipulated in the Contract arrive on the day of the start of the Event without having obtained prior written approval from HELLO FRIENDS, leading to a possible amendment to the Contract, HELLO FRIENDS reserves the right to cancel the Event without reimbursement or additional compensation.

ARTICLE 9. Inventory of fixtures and security deposit

A joint inventory of fixtures and fittings and an inventory of the furniture and various equipment will be carried out at the beginning and end of the stay by HELLO FRIENDS in the presence of the Client.
At the time of the inventory of fixtures, a security deposit of 1,000 (one thousand) euros is requested from the Client. The security deposit is fully refundable within 7 (seven) days of departure, provided that the following provisions are met:
No damage is done to the property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear ;
No damage is done to the property or its contents beyond normal wear and tear; No damage is done to the property due to illegal activity, animals, and that paid services rendered during the stay are properly paid for;
All debris, garbage and discards are placed in a dumpster;
The accommodation has been left in an acceptable condition requiring normal cleaning;
All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure;
None of the sheets or towels are lost or damaged;
The Client has responded to all requests from HELLO FRIENDS during his stay (phone calls, SMS, email);
The Client has respected the number of people indicated in the reservation during the whole stay;
The Client has not been evicted by HELLO FRIENDS in application of the regulations.
The Client is responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the accommodation and the payment of repairs or replacement of damaged items will be at his/her expense. They will be deducted from the security deposit and invoiced in addition if the amount was insufficient or in full if the security deposit was not requested at the beginning of the stay.
It is reminded that the housekeeper is at the disposal of the Clients during their stay in case of breakdown and/or emergency.
HELLO FRIENDS reserves the right to collect 100% of the security deposit in case of breach of these rules. The security deposit may be retained by HELLO FRIENDS under the conditions specified above, without prejudice to the right to full compensation from HELLO FRIENDS if the damage exceeds this amount.

ARTICLE 10. Tourist tax

As indicated in article 4 ("Prices") of the present general conditions of sale, the price does not include the tourist tax, the amount of which is indicated separately.
The payment of the tourist tax is made at the time of the payment of the reservation.

ARTICLE 11. Animals

The Client will be informed in the offer and in the order confirmation whether animals are accepted in the accommodation subject to the prior express agreement of HELLO FRIENDS.
In this case, pet owners are responsible for their pet and undertake to clean up their pet's excrement. Pets are not allowed on the sofas, furniture and in the pool.
Any evidence of pets on the furniture or in the pool may result in additional cleaning charges. Pets must be up-to-date on rabies and all other vaccinations. All pets must be treated for fleas and ticks three (3) days prior to arrival.

ARTICLE 12. House Rules and Important Information

Article 12.1 General rules
The Client agrees, during the entire rental period, to respect the following rules:
- To treat the accommodation with the same care as if it were his own,
- Not to smoke in the interior of the accommodation,
- Maintain a reasonable noise level so as not to disturb the neighborhood,
- Maintain the accommodation in a good state of cleanliness,
- Not to throw into the sinks, bathtubs, bidets, sinks, toilets, etc. any object that could obstruct the pipes such as paper, wipes, sanitary towels (a trash can is available in each toilet and bathroom),
- Do not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the house.
In case of an incident, inform HELLO FRIENDS and/or the Housekeeper immediately.
The Client is liable for permanent exclusion from the accommodation in the event of non-compliance with the rules below, as well as with the internal regulations displayed in the accommodation and presented to the Client on arrival.
The Client may also be required to reimburse any repair costs incurred.
HELLO FRIENDS reserves the right to collect 50% of the security deposit if the Client fails to respond during the stay.

Article 12.2 Swimming pool, equipment and outdoor areas
The outdoor swimming pools in HELLO FRIENDS accommodation comply with the provisions of the French Construction and Housing Code and are equipped with at least one of the four standardized safety devices aimed at preventing the risk of drowning: shelter, alarm, barrier or cover. It is specified that these devices do not replace the active and permanent supervision of children by adults.
The pool is heated during the summer season (from May to September) if weather conditions permit. It is specified that HELLO FRIENDS cannot predict the practicability of the pool and the temperature of the water, these elements being strongly correlated to the weather.
HELLO FRIENDS cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the temperature of the water in the pool and the operation of the heat pump.
Likewise, the mowing and maintenance of the outdoor areas is subject to weather conditions.
Depending on the season and the humidity of the air, insects (flies, wasps, etc.) may be present in the outdoor or indoor areas. HELLO FRIENDS cannot be held responsible for the local fauna and flora.
HELLO FRIENDS maintains the sports equipment and material made available to the Clients regularly. The Client is responsible for the use of the accommodation's sports equipment. He/she undertakes not to have any medical contraindication before using any sports equipment and undertakes not to deteriorate the equipment provided (e.g.: padel rackets, ping-pong rackets...).
Furthermore, the Client agrees to use the padel courts only for padel or mini-tennis.
HELLO FRIENDS can provide the Clients with games such as board games, puzzles, etc. The Client is solely responsible for the supervision of children using the games provided.

Article 12.3 Noise and events
The Client agrees to maintain a reasonable noise level in the accommodation at all times. The organization of parties and the installation of loudspeakers in the external parts of the accommodation is prohibited. Please note that sound spreads very quickly in the countryside.
In the event of a problem, the Client is obliged to respond to all requests from HELLO FRIENDS.

Article 12.4 Security
HELLO FRIENDS accommodation is equipped with external surveillance cameras at the gate and at the padel court. The purpose of these cameras is not to film or monitor the Clients but simply to monitor the entrance to the house and possibly guide the arrival of the Clients or the service providers and/or deliverers. The surveillance camera installed on the padel court is intended to monitor the proper use of the court and avoid fraudulent use when the house is not rented.
Only HELLO FRIENDS staff is authorized to view the images in real time. No recording is made.
The accommodations are also equipped with remote surveillance equipment that detects movements (no video surveillance function). This equipment is not in operation when clients occupy the premises. They are only activated when the accommodations are empty between reservations.

Article 12.5 Additional information
Internet access is possible and free of charge via a WIFI connection present in the entire accommodation. We cannot guarantee the internet connection during the stay. In case of strong storms, network / internet incidents may occur.
For the professional customers, if an invoice is necessary, it is imperative to communicate to HELLO FRIENDS before the beginning of the stay the following elements
- Name of the company
- Invoicing address
- Siret number
- VAT number
No invoice will be issued if the above elements are not provided before the date of the stay.

ARTICLE 13. Protection of personal data

Article 13.1. Data collected
Within the framework of its activity, HELLO FRIENDS implements and operates the processing of personal data relating to Clients and travellers.
In this respect, HELLO FRIENDS collects the following personal data: first name, surname, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, particulars noted in the contract.

Article 13.2. Purpose pursued
The collection of this personal data is essential for the execution of the contract and in the event of refusal to communicate it, the Client will be exposed to difficulties in the execution of the service which will not give rise to the engagement of the responsibility of HELLO FRIENDS.
This personal data is collected for the sole purpose of managing HELLO FRIENDS' clientele in the context of the conclusion of the contract and its execution, on the basis of the Client's consent. It is only used for the purposes to which the Client has consented.
More specifically, the purposes are the following:
- Identification of the persons using and/or booking the Services
- Formalization of the contractual relationship
- Carrying out the Services booked with HELLO FRIENDS
- Management of contracts and reservations
- Communication to the partners in order to carry out the services by the partners concerned
- Accounting, in particular management of customer accounts and monitoring of the customer relationship
- Processing of operations relating to customer management
- Commercial communications and prospecting, animation
- Analysis of the audience and the frequentation of the site
- Improvements/evolutions of the user experience.

Article 13.3. Persons authorized to access the data
The persons authorised to access the data collected by HELLO FRIENDS are as follows the managers and employees of HELLO FRIENDS and its partners involved in the services requested by the Client, and where applicable, the subcontracted service providers of HELLO FRIENDS participating in the provision and/or administration of the services and having to intervene in this respect in the processing, it being specified that in such a case, whether it is a question of partners or subcontractors, this is carried out in compliance with the regulations in force (Amenitiz and booking platforms such as Airbnb, Abritel etc).

Article 13.4. Conservation of data
The personal data collected is kept for the legal retention period relative to the purpose of the processing and at most for 3 years from the end of the commercial relationship.
The personal data relating to the Customer's bank card are kept exclusively for the time necessary to complete the transaction.

Article 13.5 Security and data transfer abroad
HELLO FRIENDS implements organizational, technical, software and physical measures in terms of digital security to protect personal data against alteration, destruction and unauthorized access. However, it should be noted that the Internet is not a completely secure environment and HELLO FRIENDS cannot guarantee the security of the transmission or storage of information on the Internet.
In this context, the data we collect may be transferred outside the European Union. In this case, we ensure that this transfer is made to countries recognised as ensuring an adequate level of protection for your personal data or, at the very least, on the basis of the appropriate guarantees provided for by the law.

Article 13.6. Rights of the owner of the collected data
In accordance with the applicable regulations on personal data, each user has the right to query, access, modify, oppose and rectify, for legitimate reasons, the collection and processing of his or her personal data. It is possible to request that such data be rectified, completed, clarified, updated or deleted.
These rights can be exercised by writing a signed e-mail and attaching a copy of your identity card to your request to the following address: [email protected].
At any time, the Customer may file a complaint with the CNIL according to the procedures indicated on its website (https://www.cnil/fr).

Article 13.7. Modification of the clause
HELLO FRIENDS reserves the right to make any modification to the present clause relating to the protection of personal data at any time. If a modification is made to the present clause relating to the protection of personal data, HELLO FRIENDS undertakes to publish the new version on its site and will also inform users of the modification by e-mail, at least 15 days before the effective date.

ARTICLE 14. Language of the contract

The present general conditions of sale are written in French. In the event that they are translated into one or more foreign languages, only the French text will be deemed authentic in the event of a dispute.

ARTICLE 15. Insurances

The Customer undertakes to hold and be up to date with his civil liability insurance and to take out holiday insurance to cover any damage he may cause.

ARTICLE 16. Responsibility of HELLO FRIENDS

HELLO FRIENDS will ensure the smooth running of the Event. However, it cannot be held responsible for the Client's faults, cases of force majeure or the actions of third parties.
Any complaint must be submitted to HELLO FRIENDS by e-mail as soon as possible and preferably no later than 8 days after the end of the stay.

ARTICLE 17. Force majeure

Neither party may be held responsible for a delay or failure in the execution of the Service due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure, in accordance with the definition usually retained by jurisprudence.
The party unable to fulfill its obligations shall notify the other party by e-mail and specify the nature of the event and its expected duration within a maximum of 48 hours after the occurrence of the force majeure event.
The party invoking the above-mentioned circumstances must immediately notify the other party of their occurrence, as well as of their disappearance.
The parties shall meet to examine the impact of the event and agree on the conditions under which the performance of the Service shall be continued. If the force majeure event lasts longer than three months, the present general conditions may be terminated by the injured party.

ARTICLE 18. Accessibility

Unfortunately, not all HELLO FRIENDS accommodations are accessible to people with reduced mobility, the houses being old, often with many steps. Before making any reservation, Clients with specific needs are invited to contact HELLO FRIENDS to obtain the necessary information.

ARTICLE 19. Settlement of disputes

Article 19.1. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The present general conditions are subjected to the application of the French law, without depriving the consumer of the protection which the imperative rules of his country of residence ensure him. This applies to both substantive and formal rules.
Any dispute arising from the present contract between HELLO FRIENDS, failing an amicable settlement, will fall within the jurisdiction of the Courts of the geographical area of the headquarters of HELLO FRIENDS for professional Clients.

Article 19.2 - Mediation
The consumer Client may have recourse to conventional mediation, in particular with the Consumer Mediation Commission or with the existing sectoral mediation bodies, or to any alternative method of dispute resolution (conciliation, for example) in the event of a dispute.

Article 19.3. On-line sale
In the event that the service has been purchased online by the Customer, the latter is informed that he/she has the option, in accordance with Article 14.1 of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013, to lodge a complaint and select a dispute resolution body on the following website