This is us! 🤗

In this more personal section, we tell you the story of a concept created by friends for friends.

Our vision, our values and the genesis of this great entrepreneurial adventure.

location de grandes maisons pour groupes, pour week-end ou vacances
location maison bourgogne Yonne famille padel enfants piscine grand groupe cousinade

The hellofriends© DNA

Get together
Refaire le monde autour d'un bon verre, sing along to CĂ©line Dion, play Monopoly for 2 hours with the kids, play volleyball in the pool, go for a family walk in the forest.

It is for all these moments that we created hellofriends©.

We just wanted the perfect place, cool, and simple for those unforgettable memories.

Au vert
For a breath of fresh air in our beautiful French countryside, surrounded by fields, forests and the sound of birds.

But "au vert" is also part of our environmental philosophy: places in France accessible by train, local producers and craftsmen, low-energy houses (geothermal/heat pump and connected thermostat when the house is unoccupied) and a composter for bio-waste.

In all simplicity
To avoid the hassle of organization and logistics, we think of everything (or almost). A single platform to book accommodation and services on site. A digital guide (available in advance) to simplify your life: the must-see places to visit, the good local addresses (baker, butcher...) or just the schedule of the nearest supermarket.

location maison bourgogne Yonne famille padel enfants piscine grand groupe cousinade

For all those who want to get together

Multi-family vacations and cousins
Heated and secured swimming pool, trampoline, portico, high chair, cot, playroom or service (cook, baby-sitter) for parents and children to enjoy at 200%.

A little weekend with friends
Petanque, BBQ, chill around the fireplace, tennis padel, Bluetooth speaker, billiards, board games. In short, something to do again with your friends!

"Tele-travel" between colleagues
Tele-working is good, tele-travel is even better. A perfect setting for teleworking, off-site or workshops: high speed wifi, private bathrooms, co-working space and places to get away from it all. More details in the "HelloPros" section.

Moment of sharing between passionate people
Yoga retreat, coaching week (sports, personal development...), green training... All opportunities to meet and exchange in the flesh. Believe us, when you leave, you will not want to leave each other!

amis, copains, groupe, amitié, famille

"Once upon a time..." (the genesis of the idea)

hellofriends© is the story of a group of friends who met in Aix-en-Provence in Master and who loved to go away together. In Ardèche, in Lapland, in Tuscany... And then, cute little toddlers arrived.

We know all the worries about the organization and logistics : "I can't find a big enough house", "the pool is not safe", "what a pain to cook for 15", "who will get the drive ?", "I'll take this room because it has a bathroom", "has anyone thought about the enclosure ?", "damn we forgot the coal !

In short, hellofriends© was born like that. A concept thought by friends for friends. So that we can get together, in all simplicity and with a smile.

location maison bourgogne Yonne famille padel enfants piscine grand groupe cousinade

The Friends Touch (the team)

hellofriends© is more than an entrepreneurial adventure, it's a story of friendship and encounters. Some full-time, others freelance or just in consulting mode.

Well, we still needed a conductor on a daily basis. And that's me, Romain, just 40 years old, fan of my 3 daughters, of family moments, of good food with friends and of padel. In short, I left my job just after the Covid (#originality) to try this crazy adventure and launch hellofriends©. But as you can see, I was not really alone!

And that's how the Board of Friendvisors was born. What is it?
- First of all, a bunch of friends, from childhood, from school or from beautiful meetings.

- A variety of skills: founders/partners of start-ups, an interior designer, real estate professionals, financiers, a marketing research champion, and super handyman.
- And all this team meets once a quarter to follow the progress of the project, keep the strategic course and push the customer experience even further.

A huge thank you to all of you!

(PS: the frame was not big enough but I love you all! Heart to heart)